Upon arriving in Avalon, please contact us at 310-510-0190 before you do anything. Do not procure transportation to Hamilton Cove prior to contacting us when you arrive on Catalina as your villa may not be available as our house keeping staff will be busily preparing your villa.

If your villa is available you will be granted access and you can go to Hamilton Cove and proceed with your fun and relaxation.

If it is not, you will need to store your luggage at the ferry terminal, give us a cell number, or continue to call us and await our release of your villa which will occur by 3:00 PM as outlined in our Check In Policy.

You can shop, eat or do whatever until we release your villa. Our house keeping staff will work very hard to insure your access to the villa will be by 3:00 PM.

Failure to contact us prior to your going to Hamilton Cove will cost you extra transportation fees as the security personnel will deny your access if your unit has not been released by us. We do not provide transportation to and from Hamilton Cove upon your arrival or on your departure.

We do not have luggage storage ability. Again, it is imperative for you to call immediately upon arrival on the Island before you procure transportation to avoid additional taxi fees. Please be warned.

We are open between the hours of 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM PST. If you are going to arrive at an hour other than above, please call us the business day before you arrive and arrangements will be made providing your rental payment, security deposit, confirmation, and borrowed vehicle agreements are received in full and completed appropriately.

We do not accept guests or grant access to the property after 5:00 PM without payment in full, a security deposit, a completed confirmation and a completed borrowed vehicle agreement. Without exception!

This is important. If you go to Hamilton Cove prior to contacting us, your villa may not be available as our housekeeping staff is still working hard to clean your villa.

When we release your unit, please take a taxi to Hamilton Cove as we do not provide transportation to the property. Taxies are available at the ferry terminal and heliport. You can reach them at 310-510-0025.

Hamilton Cove Security will have your names and unit number and will verify this information when you arrive at the security gate at Hamilton Cove.

The villa you are renting is licensed by the City of Avalon to accommodate a specific number of people as outlined in your confirmation. Do not attempt to bring additional guests. If you do, the Los Angeles County Sheriff will be contacted and we will request they remove you from the property without a refund.

Your taxi will then drop you off at the stairwell which accesses your villa.

We hope you enjoy your stay and appreciate your business.